• Image of Wildcraft Smoking Blend
  • Image of Wildcraft Smoking Blend
  • Image of Wildcraft Smoking Blend

Pedicularis is an enchanting genus native to the Northwest that boasts stunning flowers and potent medicinal properties. All three species in this blend were hand-collected in Oregon and some of the flowers were left whole so you can enjoy their beauty intact. This smooth burning blend has a lovely flavor and helps relax tense muscles and calm the spinning, nervous mind.

I only wildharvest a small amount of Pedicularis each year, so this blend is only available seasonally and in very limited quantities.

This smoking mixture can be smoked in a pipe, rolled in paper, or used in a vaporizer.

organic mullein leaf, wildcrafted pipsissewa leaf, wildcrafted uva ursi leaf, organic skullcap leaf and flower, wildcrafted elephant's head (Pedicularis groenlandica), wildcrafted cobra's head (Pedicularis bracteosa), wildcrafted parrot's beak (Pedicularis racemosa), wildcrafted pearly everlasting leaf and flower

Packaged by volume in 8oz tins.

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